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Sistem POS Yang Handal & Komprehensif

Sistem POS Edgework meningkatkan produktivitas operasional anda, mengurangi resiko yang timbul karena inventaris dan meningkatkan hasil penjualan anda. Selama 10 tahun terakhir, lebih dari 1000 pelanggan puas dan menyukai sistem kami. Jangan lewatkan kesempatan untuk membawa bisnis anda ke level berikutnya.

Biarkan Kami Menyelesaikan Permasalahan Anda

Solusi POS Edgework didesain untuk membantu menyelesaikan masalah yang dihadapi oleh para peritel, pemilik salon dan pengusaha makanan&minuman.

Ceritakan masalah anda kepada kami, biarkanlah kami membantu anda mencapai sasaran bisnis dengan solusi POS Edgeworks.

Solusi Kasir Anda

Edgeworks’ POS Solutions are serving various industries which include Retail, F&B, Salon, Wholesale & many more. We empower the management team to make informed decisions effectively, increase their sales revenue & reduce business risks.

Toko Point Of Sales

Our Equip Retail POS is able to perform at its optimum speed even handling high volume transactions for multiple outlets simultaneously. This is the go-to point of sales if you are expanding your retail business.

Restoran Point Of Sales

Equip Restoran POS helps you manage your F&B operation at ease. Managing multiple table arrangements, sending orders to your kitchen,  combine table, split table etc… will no longer be a problem. You can now focus on serving your customers.

Sistem Inventaris

Managing inventory made easy with Equip Inventory System. It can work as a stand-alone inventory system. It can also integrate with our POS System to offer you a complete view of your inventory movements. We have simplified the complex process for you.

Stabil Dan Handal

When you are running a retail store or F&B business, you want to provide the best customer experience. You want to minimize the waiting time, sending their food order to the kitchen as fast as you can, settling their payment they way customers want it. Therefore, having a stable and reliable system become vital.

Edgeworks POS solutions give you the performance and the stability that you need. Handling all the heavy backend processing works, so that your staffs can focus on providing awesome customer service.

Mengelola Beberapa Outlet Dengan Mudah Di Mana Saja

Our POS Solutions come with a mobile app that allows you to view your outlet sales reports instantly. Managing multiple outlets and making decisions made easy.

You can view the outlet sales reports by outlets, product category or individual product. With all these information, you can make better operational decisions.

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Mereka Memilih Edgeworks

Our POS solutions are proven solutions in many industries. We are glad our customers trust our solutions & dedicated support teams.

Cerita-Cerita Sukses

“EquipPOS is an intuitive and user-friendly point of sales system; with much design thoughts being put on operations and support. It is definitely a good replacement for the traditional cash register!”

John Lim

IT Manager, Chang Cheng Group (Chang Cheng Group is a food and beverage company with over 220 food outlets and 28 coffeeshops in Singapore)

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