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Soft-spoken, positive, with a broad smile, and generous with his time and sharing, Mr Benny, director of Magnolia is a down-to-earth, unpretentious entrepreneur. We are glad to have an interview with him to share his experiences in the retail business. We are thankful that Edgeworks’ Retail POS System is able to be part of his business journey too! It’s The Passion That Keeps The Couple Motivated The Company was established in 2002. The owner passion is to bring the latest fashion trends and ideas to inspire women across Indonesia. Magnolia strives to offer the stylish, trendy and good quality fashion pieces with an affordable price.  With the big vision, the company has built a strong foundation over the past 16 years. Today, Magnolia has more than 10 retail boutiques strategically located at various heartland departmental stores. The Company ensures all the retail staffs are well-trained in their product knowledge and always making the shoppers feel welcome and happy when the shoppers visit Magnolia.  “Challenges Are Unavoidable, Learn To Adapt To The Environment” When asked about the challenges that Magnolia faces, Benny responded positively. Although overhead costs and rental are their main challenges, he believes that as long as they learn to adapt to the environment, continue to offer good quality clothing & excellent customer service, the business will continue to grow. As the demands for faster fashion trends and communication grow, Magnolia launched their eCommerce website – magnoliacollection.com last year. They also implemented membership to promote customers loyalty. Customers can use the vouchers they receive from Magnolia either in-store or online when they are ready to make the purchase. They can even choose to collect the items at the retail store or to be delivered to them. All these efforts give Magnolia a winning edge over the competitions. Magnolia Web Store   “I Like The Reports On The Mobile Apps. I Have The First-Hand Information To Help Me Better Manage My Inventory.” Before the company changed his point-of-sales system to Edgeworks’ Retail POS, it was using a DOS POS System. As the business grows, it became more difficult to manage the business using DOS system. (For the DOS-based system, data integrity will be the main problem when the data increases over time. The database becomes unstable). So the company decided to look for a new POS System to better manage its business. Mr Benny came across a Singapore company that offered POS System. He encountered obstacles during the implementation stage, mainly due to bad support experiences. That company was a one-man-show company. It couldn’t meet the requirements of the growing business. Benny then found Edgeworks and spoke to our team. After discussions, we went ahead to implement our Retail POS. Our support team provides training to his staffs and attended to him whenever he has questions. It was a smooth transition from the previous POS System to ours. He likes our mobile apps. He can view his sales reports whenever he wants it, wherever he is. The reports give him the latest update of his outlet sales. This allows Benny to make informed decisions to better manage his inventory and sales. He was joking with us that sometimes he was the first to know the particular outlet’s internet was not working because he couldn’t access the reports. Our membership module also enables the staffs to increase customers’ loyalty. They can retrieve customers’ purchase history & accumulated points easily from our POS System. The system allows him to update his pricing through the online web-portal. It is so much easier to manage the inventory compares to the previous system. Knowing that our system isn’t a perfect system, sometimes he does experience some ‘bugs’. However, he is still satisfied with our overall performance as we continue to provide support & improve our system. What’s Next For Magnolia? As Indonesia retail industry continues to evolve, Magnolia will continue to adapt and to improve its products & customer service. The vision has not changed. Magnolia will continue to provide trendy & stylish fashion for the women at the affordable price. As for Edgeworks, we will continue to work alongside with Magnolia. Providing innovative tools to empower the business to grow. We are looking forward to seeing a brighter future in the retail industry in Indonesia.
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