In 1994, Chang Cheng Mee Wah opened its first Chinese Mixed Vegetable Rice St. Today, they own and operate over 220 food outlets and restaurants all over the world. As Chang Cheng’s company expanded it recognized the importance of implementing technological strategies to deliver the quality and the quantity of products that their customers demanded.

After researching what was available and best suited the company’s needs, Chang Cheng started working with Edgeworks in 2007 because of its high quality POS products.

Edgeworks offers Chang Cheng the tools that they needed to:
1) accurately capture real-time sales,
2) identify top selling products,
3) manage inventory at multiple locations over Singapore,
4) create and maintain purchase orders, and
5) identify the top-selling customers.

Not to mention, Edgeworks POS system provides comprehensive reports that help facilitate decision making.

Edgeworks EquipPOS system however does much more than just collect data to help with the day-to-day operations of one’s business. For restaurants and food outlets such as Chang Cheng, Edgeworks’ system helps with table layout, set up and management, manage takeaways, multiple payment types, e-Menu using iPad/Android tablets, and recipe management. Chang Cheng successfully uses the recipe management POS in order to standardize its products across all of their outlets.

John Lim, Chang Cheng’s IT Manager, said of Edgeworks’ POS system, “EquipPOS is an intuitive and user-friendly point of sales system.” He went on to say that by changing from a traditional cash register to the EquipPOS register has made it easier for Chang Cheng to collect transactions data, which allows the company to customize specific items when needed. By changing from the SOS system to the POS system Chang Cheng’s has improved its processing and procedures.

Image Source: Chang Cheng