Old Town Coffee and Old Town Coffee Basic have 9 outlets in Singapore. They had problems with their systems that was affecting their day to day operations. The company was finding that there was a communication gap with its IT team in Malaysia, causing slow responses to help resolve issues. To solve its problems Old Town Coffee (and Basic) contacted Edgeworks in November 2015. We were able to successfully rectify the first outlets problems by February 2016.

Edgeworks solutions is hosted in cloud server that uses real-time data synchronization that support offline capabilities. This technology makes data available in real-time when the internet is up, however, when the internet is down the POS continues to function. Even if the internet is down over a prolonged period of time the data (large or small) is integrated without causing an internet “traffic jam”. The added bonus of this is that there are no on-site servers need, which saves on the initial investment and reduces dependencies in case of hardware failure.

Installing the service included a trial run session with the Old Town Coffee’s Operation and HQ IT Team. This session helped the team to understand the requirements needed to operate and manage the reporting. While Edgeworks’ team initializes the implementation process, once the system is fully operational Old Town Coffee (Basic) will run the program.

The upside of Edgeworks’ program is that it is user friendly and staff are made familiar with the POS functionalities. There is zero business downtime when switching from the old system to the new. With the implementation of the new system Old Town Coffee (Basic)’s sales have improved because the staff can fully focus on running the business instead of worrying about system issues that were taking too long to fix. Edgeworks has successfully set up 4 outlets and are continuing to assist Old Town with their final 5 outlets so that all their operations will be using the same system.

Image source: Old Town