Simply Toys sells collectible toys. Toy Outpost rents out display boxes to small business owners to help sell their products and have a total of 22 outlets across Singapore. While Toy Outpost needs to track their merchandise efficiently, Simply Toys needs to have their system include the feature “Pre Order” implemented as well as the ability to integrate with their e commerce site. The POS system Toy Outpost used was slow and inefficient, resulting in low productivity.

They turned to Edgeworks in November 2015 to help increase their productivity and tracking capabilities. This was made possible due to the innovative and resourcefulness of Edgeworks’ team and working with the managers of Toy Outpost and Simply Toys.

Toy Outpost system was set up for all 19 stores within a month (December 2015). The new system allows for Merchant Sales data to be easily accessed in order to manage the sale across all outlets. The Operation Manager, Alvin Quek, finds the real-time data availability very useful. He is able to check the system and deal with issues that are reported by outlet staff in real-time without have to access the local POS. The system allows store managers and franchise owners to view their individual store’s report. Additionally, there are comprehensive settings for different roles within the system: cashier, supervisor, store manager, and owner. The new system has significantly increased the overall productivity of the Toy Outpost Operation team.

Simply Toys owner, Ann Goh, similarly finds real-time data helpful in her business of selling collectable toys. The data allows Goh to check stocks levels in real-time, providing her with the capability of evaluating particular collectible toys in accordance to stock levels. Prices depend on the quantities: as quantities of the item deplete the rarer the item becomes driving the sales price up.

Simply Toys’ new POS system has increased the visibility of sales and stock, which has helped to improve their credibility with clientele, resulting in an increase of sales. The POS real-time solution and Edgeworks capability in customizing systems based on client needs help the growth of one’s business. Edgeworks is always taking that extra step to help our clients.

Image source: Simply Toys