With the changing times, people have adapted to the new technology and you will see a lot of Internet-enabled devices being used to keep our lives much easier. For the restaurant industry, it has been very quick in accepting the new technology with smartphones and tablets and also with the Point of Sale systems to be able to integrate them in their daily business operations, not just in Singapore, but in all parts of the globe.

BENEFITS of POS System in Restaurants

Over the years, the POS systems have improved tremendously especially for restaurant businesses to be able to accurately keep track of sales, have a better system of communication within the internal operations of the restaurants with regards to orders and also keeping track of stocks. Aside from the reason why businesses has to embrace the new technology, but it helps them create a fast-moving, modern and satisfying work environment for their staff as well as being able to give quality customer service experience for the diners.

Although, not all restaurant owners have embraced in the new technology, you can still find stubborn ones that use outdated F&B POS system Singapore, which can lead oftentimes to a lot of problems especially in security, inaccurate reporting and limited functions that a new POS system can offer. Let’s dig deeper into these POS system problems.


A lot of the old POS systems are not upgradable or does not have the flexibility it offers like most modern POS especially when it comes to taking orders, tracking stocks and payments as well as making some changes or updates. Most of these old POS do not have the credit card possibility – this can only mean that you have to use a separate credit card machine for your POS system. This can be alright, but what if there is a break or lose of connection, what will you do? Your customers do not have the time to wait until this gets sorted – most of the time, this problem takes time to fix.


Of course, if your business encounters a problem with your old POS system, it can take a while and time gets wasted. Also, if the staff keys in the orders to and fro, the time spent running in and out can be minimized if the system had been upgraded to a new modern one.

Having a slow service can be detrimental to the success of the business and not being able to provide your customers the right service, and letting them wait for some time – especially on a restaurant, can be a major let down for a lot of customers. Not only would you lose time, you’d lose your customers as well.


Another big issue that most businesses encounter with an old POS system is the support system. Running out of warranty can be a problem and if it breaks down, you’ll have to find that POS system provider who sold that unit to – chances are and if luck may have it, they are no longer in business. Then you will have to chase a technical person to fix such an outdated POS system. One more thing too, old systems are easy to hack.


Unlike the new F&B POS system Singapore where they have the capability to generate emails to old and new customers, the old POS systems do not have that feature. There is a big chance that your business will be missing out on marketing opportunities and keeping loyal customers with the use of loyalty cards and special offers.

In general, old POS systems are not worth keeping, in fact, if you have the chance to upgrade it, please do so. However, if your POS system do not have that flexibility for an upgrade, then it is high time to invest wisely on a modern restaurant POS system to avoid losing out on sales and keeping abreast with the competitions.