Believe it or not, some people are still trying to grow their restaurant using old antiquated methods like the use of hand-written order slips, which by the way is a hugs time-waster. Even if you are just a small fry trying to make it in the Singapore F&B industry and with just a handful of customers compared to large chain restaurants, there is simply no way that you can ignore the use of an F&B POS system Singapore restaurants have been using over the years. Being a small business owner does not excuse you from acquiring one if you want to compete in the market. To be able to survive in this tough economic world, one simple cannot stick to the old practices if there is one out there that offers an improvement.

So what is an F&B POS system Singapore restaurant owners have to comply? Well, it is a typical POS system built for restaurants with a computerized cash register that can manage the restaurant’s inventory with an easier system of taking orders. This system is made to help maximize profit and the overall productivity of your staffs. So now the question now which has probably got you wondering is what is the right POS system for you?

You have to consider some factors when choosing the right F&B POS system such as the price, have all the functions or applications that you need and also compatibility with the merchant card processor. These things have to be weighed in properly.

If your restaurant is small or has just started, do not shell out a lot of money and purchase a very complex POS system, you only need the basic unlike for those big restaurants and fine dining businesses, they need functions like the hostess station systems, bar server stations, kitchen printers, multiple server stations and more. You only need one server station that should be placed in the central section of your restaurant as well as one kitchen printer. So do not buy in on all these extras unless you really need them. POS systems cost a great deal of money, so make a sound investment where it matches the size of your business.

What to look for in an F&B POS system especially when you are in Singapore:

1. Room for Learning and Ease of Use. With the new system, it is expected that you and your staff would be spending time learning from it, especially you. You need to be really good and become an expert so you’d be able to train your staff. As far as the POS dealer or provider where you purchased or leased your POS system from, should be able to offer a free training for you. Note, get a system that is easy to understand and learn.

2. System Maintenance of the POS System. It is expected that things can get greasy when it is in the restaurant or any food spills which can get your system dirty. It is crucial that you keep your machines clean at all times, not just to make an impression to your customers, but to keep the machine working for a very long time. Liquid spills can damage any electronic item and if there are no preventive measures to prevent the machines from getting damaged then it can void any warranty given by the provider.

3. Provide enough space. The POS system’s hardware may be small in size, but you need to also take into account the printers, monitors and scanners in the right order and place. Make sure also that they are in a cool place as they are heat-sensitive especially at a restaurant where kitchens use ovens, fryers and stoves.

4. Make sure you get the machine from a reputable POS system dealer. The key to achieving success with the help of the POS system in your restaurant is to work alongside with a reputable POS system provider or dealer.

There are so many benefits that you can get from a POS system, whatever the business model you are in the retail industry, there are a lot of applications that you can integrate.