Operating a SPA is not easy. There are many things specific for this type of business, so acquiring POS software developed for the management of SPAs can help you be more efficient in your daily operations. When choosing your spa POS system, you have to make sure it includes all features and functionality you need for your business to operate smoothly. Here are the most important of them:

Membership Module

You need to create and maintain an account for each of your members. This feature would enable you to keep track of the client’s contact information and specific details such as birthday or special anniversaries. With such a module, clients can be notified automatically before the expiry date of their current membership, thus enabling them to extend it. You can also give clients the possibility of making automatic recurring payments in order to avoid the interruption of their membership.

Built-In Payment Processor

If you aim for maximum customer satisfaction, you need to provide them the possibility of making electronic payments by using their credit or debit card. This module should be reliable and secure, in order to avoid fraud or hacking into the system.

24/7 Customer Support

If you want your clients to stick with you, you have to make sure their inquiries are taken care of within the shortest possible time. This means you need to secure 24/7 customer support to take phone calls and answer emails.

Automatic Reminders

Your clients may forget their appointments. This is more frequent than you’d think, so you need to be prepared to remind them when they need to come for various services and treatments. You need your POS software to have the ability of sending automatic appointment reminders to clients, so that they don’t mess up your schedule.

Special Perks

It’s always a good idea to reward your loyal clients with special offers and bonuses. Additionally, by offering newcomers discount vouchers and promo codes, you can attract them to try your services. If they like what the get, some of them are going to stick with you. This is why your spa POS system needs to allow you to offer gift cards and promo codes.

It’s also a good idea to offer your clients the possibility of purchasing various retail items. Maybe they like your creams, soaps and shampoos and they wish to use the same products at home. Why not sell them these products directly? If you like this idea, you need to make sure your POS software allows you to accept payments, track purchases and manage the inventory.

As you can see, buying a special SPA POS solution can help you be more effective in the management of your business, allowing you to free up some time for your strategic planning or for developing new tactics to expand your clients’ pool. Besides, your actual clients are going to be happy with your services, respect their appointments and extend their memberships without having to write all these down in their agendas.